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Ive replaced catalytic converter motor radiator hoses thermostat (twice) axle abs modulator fuel pressure regulator fuel pump and fuel filter and the car still stalls. Please help me!!!
I just want to know if it will screw anything up without it
it happen everyday now but at times won't depending on how I let up off the pedal had fuel pump and fuel filter replaced wasn't the problem bought sea form for injectors helped but still not taking off when giving gas...
While driving it'll randomly shut down on me, Whenever my sensor is connected it conks out one me but it'll start back up like 2 minutes later and then it'll shut down again. I took it to get smogged and it said that ...
it will all the sudden not run at low rpm;s but if you hold gas peddle about 3/4 down it will run. then if you drive it fast over 70 mph at the higher rpm it will stop doing its problem. there are no check engine ligh...
The service light turns on when I start to apply brakes and stays on. now when I accelerate its not accelerating it just makes a loud whining sound. I have too lay of the pedal a little till it wants to grab.
It happens always in reverse and more often now... i have another 2006 monte carlo so I have the 2003 in the garage but want to fix for winter thanks
the car will not start, all compnents of engine test ok, i have all working lights and plenty of battery power.
when i start my car cruise control light is lit,when i turn the swtch for ac,heat the light goes out,and the heat and ac doesn't work still.