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my 2001 monte carlo starts and runs fine until I get up to 55 and then the engine shuts off and wont restart, I have to disconnect the battery to reset the security system and then its fine until I hit that speed agai...
My cousin and I replaced the head gaskets on my 01 monte carlo *3.4L*and now the car wont start. The car will crank but wont spark. I've been told it's the ECM. I have also been told its the PCM...idk what the differe...
When i crink it up it cut right back off
also im getting code p0128 code p0300 cide p0742 p1404
does it every time. started after a new radiator was istalled.
dealer told me ambient light sensor was bad
Sometime when I have backing up or going forward and turning, my traction light comes on and I hear a sounds as if my tires are dragging.
led on radio reads that the signal is coming in find,
I have a 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, LS, 3.4 125,300 miles. This started while driving. The car was roaring slightly, then I hit a small bump and the ABS an TRAC light came on. I went to MIDAS and they said the right ...
I recharged the air conditioning unit and now I got cold air coming out of the passenger side vents and not so cold(warm) air coming from the driver side vents. This car is equipped with dual controls and both are set...
my wiper blades wont park correctly ,they work fine it just when you turn them off they stay in an upward position what could this be