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cracking coming from speakers when engine is off
The blinkers (at times)will work when I leave my house,but they stop working on my way to the store.(approx,4 miles)some times I stop the car,and re-start it.Then the blinkers work again 9 out of 10 times?? some times...
I have shift cable off car.How can you tell if cable is bad?should car start if shift lever is pushed to front of car?
shifter wont move out of park car wont try and start
I want to determine if my A/C has a leak and can be recharged but I don't know where to look for the Low Side A/C port. Where is it and how is the best way to access it?
ok the car keeps overheating dash says low cooling level fans wont come on what do i do
Where is the park safety switch?
how much to replace the park netural switch and how many maintenance hours.
My air bag stays on when the weather is cold...any suggestions of what be the problem?
Sometime when I turn engine off the key is not parallel...it is slanted to the right and I have to push gear shaft hard in park before key is able to be parallel...any suggestions
have to wiggle the key to get car to start in park or neutral..
What an estimated repair cost to replace neutral safety switch?
Sometimes car will not start in park or netual. Have to winger gear shaft to start.
the engien dosent start the securrity light is on what do i do
trying to find out what i have to do to change the power steering pump?