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My steering wheel is not causing my wheels to turn and is turning 369 degrees.
I beleive the calipers are bad. I have used a c-clamp to try to push the piston back in and it wont budge. Not to mention I am leaking brake fluid from the right rear and cant tell where its coming from. Im gonna go a...
Like when getting on the highway and the 48k is actual verified milage.
replaced o ring head gaskets rear seal not sure if they pored the same oil back in when they were done could there be something pluging the filter?
My 1998 Monte Carlo z34 has a knocking noise coming from under the hood. No one knows where the noise is coming from. The car does not lose engine compression but dies out while rolling down the street. In order for i...
took it to a shop they mentioned the fuel pump pressure regulator could this be why or the transmission... no noise.
how much money would it cost to fix a small vacuum leak for a '98 monte carlo? how much work would it take? would it be easy to fix?
i have changed the fuel filter the fuel pump any ideas on wat could be the probblem
Repair shop charged me $29.95 for mounting kits when replacing both rear struts. Did they rip me off?
or is my fuel pump gone ? 160K plus on it, runs otherwise great. Sould I not hear a sloight noise with key on when sensor relay fuse engages ? Help please ! and thank you very much.
My car stalled while I was driving down the road. I replaced fuel filter, spark plugs, crank pulley ( which was actually popped out & not in line with other pulleys) & sensor & removed & cleaned fuel injectors. Someon...
found antifreeze in two cylinders and crankcase. also on top of intake manafold had heads redone and checked drained antifreeze and cleand crankcase all new gaskets started engine ran great for half hour started engin...
There is antifreeze dripping out of the edge of it.
I have a 98 chevy monte carlo 3.8liter, what would cause the fuel pump not to come on?? I had the fuel pump taken off and check and the fuel pump is good, so I know the problem is not the fuel pump, please help, reall...