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only 2 green lights will come on when 3rd green light comes on the check eng light comes on have changed coil packs throttle positon sensor plugs and wires help inspection runs out in 2 days
Runs normal except going up hill. Was fine till temperature outside dropped overnite from warm to below freezing.
One strap has already broken and the other isn't looking good.
I had ran over a curb a few days earlier to avoid accident
Hi! I am wondering an estimate on how much this should cost me..I need both rear struts and strut mounts replaced. I was estimated at $400 at a shop but that seems a little outrageous, but I could be wrong I have no i...
RPM Stalls between 2 and 3 rpm. If I press on the gas it will soon kick in but drops again at 4 rpms.
My car squeaks loudly on the rear driver side,it sounds as if its coming from strut or above it.If it rains i don"t hear it.
my volts light is on and the car stalls it seems to only stall when car is idling. it has a new alternator. when i try to start it after it stalls it tics like its the battery any ideas