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NEW gas tank, fuel system, alternator, starter, battery, power steering pump
Need help replacing alternator for Chevy Monte Carlo!
I had a new fuel pump placed on my 97 monte carlo LS & it drove just fine leaving the shot, but the very next day the car started acting like it didn't want to go & when I give it some gas it shuts off,please tell me ...
replaced master switch and driver window regulator assy,now passenger window won't roll down with master or passenger switch.
Engine stalled. Went to get it and it started. I was suprised that it did. So I drove it home very slow mostly uphill. When I got home I turned it off and tried to restart it but it never did. I wasn't sure if it was ...
just changed the motor out and now having these problems
I had someone look at it because I thought it might be the bearings , or the tire rods, or the struts. The mechanic said that all of those things were fine. What could be making that knocking sound when I drive, make ...
I amt trying to find out what cost would to do the repair work. It could so many things how to they find the problem Thank you, Cilla
3 times in the past few weeks,while turning a ben my steering wheel locks like when the car is turned off, what could cause this to happen.
my fans will not work unless the sensor on top of the engine is unplugged. the sensor is new. email me at jrymntgy@yahoo.com
gas tank relief valve was replaced after new tank was put in. within 45 days new tank was split at seams by pressure build up. Gas cap will blow off in your hand everytime you open it. Not sure what is causing this??
I have changed the starter and the key works the ignition but it is not firing the starter. I ran a straight wire to the starter and can start it that way but not with my key. What could be wrong
i have looked everywhere in the car for a release button for the trunk