1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Questions

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Can run car until it's hot and cut it off wait until next day and it runs great have ty replaced to different air flow senser

I tried some air flow senser but didn't help letting it run in park until it at running at right temperature and cut it off wait until next day it run and drive's fine

I drive it n it's fine was making a little noise but now acting like it want to cut off no check engine light or nothing on now making a loud knocking noise

My check engine light bulb is burnt out... So I bought a rereplacement... Now how do I fix it?

Diagram of timing assembly

Replaced most sensors and spark plugs and wires but nothing helps what could be causing this

only 2 green lights will come on when 3rd green light comes on the check eng light comes on have changed coil packs throttle positon sensor plugs and wires help inspection runs out in 2 days

NEW gas tank, fuel system, alternator, starter, battery, power steering pump

Runs normal except going up hill. Was fine till temperature outside dropped overnite from warm to below freezing.

One strap has already broken and the other isn't looking good.