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drive and over drive from takeoff hardly move until 15 or 20mph then shilfs out fine always have to use low from stop.
wearing out the inside of the rear tires. Tire are canted in at the top. How do I fix the problem ? Is there an adjustment bolt back there
It starts but when you push on gas it stalls out. That's all I can tell you.
When I use the heater, I can smell gas (did not smell with AC) and the mileage goes down significantly. I cannot think of any way these two are related but that is what is happening. Please advise.
Starts off driving fine, but once stopped it starts dragging. Even when driving. It will slow down. The speedometer jumps.
was driving approx. 35mph in town and all the sudden no gas to engine
U had replaced thermostat, radiator , had flushed radiator, and put antifreeze into over flow and it runs completely out of over flow its leaking out the bottom on ground looks like coming from water pump or over flow...
I have done 4 oil changes and the oil is still milky,engine is running fine and no white smoke
What is the average cost to replaced power steering hose, on my 1995 Monte Carlo?
The cooling fans do not turn on. I have replaced the Fan relays, ECT sensor, as well as checked the fans themself using direct power. The only way I can get the fan to come on is by disconnecting the ECT vavle; they t...
Background. Just replaced the lower intake due to a crack. Once everything was put back together the engine starts fine, when you rev it up in park it sputters and then goes. Once your driving the sputtering is more p...
My 1995 3.1 Monte Carlo gets really hot but not to the point of overheating yet when I'm driving in traffic. Niether fans turn on, replaced both fan relays, both fan motors run when connected directly to power. I re...
was needing a jump to start, replaced battery, fine for about a month, same deal, today will not start even with a jump. at one point when i turned the key, the speedometer went up to about 50 MPH indication and can ...