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What type of fluid to use, Can you drain the converter, how many quarts of fluid with the converter drained and without, how to properly check the fluid level. Thank you: Modocker
just need to know how boot under coil pack comes off ,, if just held by a lip or what
I have a 1999 Chevy Metro Lsi with 1.3 liter four cylinder. I have an after-market hood without the stock information, so i do not have the spark plug gaping info which I need. I also would like a recommendation on w...
I was in a accident that caused my engine to overheat, and stall. I took it to the shop and they informed me that they would need to change the thermostat in order to see if there is any internal damage to the engine...
my lights will not come on, i do have day time head lights, but no tail lights headlights or dash lights, brake lights come on when applied and turn signals work, i have checked and all fuses are good what can i check...
The bolt in the front brake rotor is stuck , stripped and we cant get it out. we have tried easy outs and nothing, NOTHING is getting this dude out. It doesnt look like the brakes were changed in this car in years.