I bought it for my little brother and it wouldn't start. Told my a mechanic it was the motor. Installed a new one and still the same thing. The car is still at the mechanic and he is stumped. Any ideas on how to get this car running??? HELP!

sorry previous question is mine my temp gauge and air conditioner both stopped working at exact same time is it a fuse and if so which one?

temp gauge and air conditioner

engine light is on and code said it was the oxygen sensor. my car is starting to have less power when accelerating and shifts hard.


A few months ago, my drivers side window would stop rolling back up every once in a while. It rolls down fine, just doesn't want to go back up. After a few minutes of repeatedly pressing the button, it would go back up. Then one day, it went down and refused to go back up so I took it to a shop and they replaced the motor and regulator. It worked fine for a month or so and now the problem is back. Not only that, now the passenger side window will not roll up from the driver side buttons. I have to use the passenger side buttons to get it back up (Rolls down fine). What's the matter? And if I take it back to the same shop will they charge me again??

All the buttons on my remote stopped working except for the panic button. I know it's not the battery and there are no broken components in the remote. I'm thinking it's a fuse but I could use some help.

About three months after I got my car the fuel hand would work half way and then stopped working it says low fuel all the time. The check engine light came on and stays on. I have taken it to have the scan run and it says something about a vapor sensor and something else. Don't remember what it was. Then I was told the gas cap thing went through 3 gas caps now and nothing worked as far as that. Then was told to check the fuses and I am not sure what fuses and which sets to check. I have checked the ones in the trunk and the ones on passenger side of car. Is there a fuel fuse under the hood? how much would I have to send taking to a dealer ship to get this done?

my phone charger port wont work

Friend changed my struts and now no power steering. I guess fuse blew?
would that be near battery? "EPS" stand for electronic power steering?
Thank you!

I HAVE CHANGED IT 4 times already an each time it blows causing my battery to die.

I was told it was from my oil pan or filter...they also they would have to lift my motor to get to it... i just need to know from where and how much it will be before i take it to a shop and they want to charge me a arm and a leg

usually over uneven road surfaces.

We got new brake calipers and tires changed 2-3 weeks ago. Tires have been re-balanced. It's not just steering wheel that shakes, but whole car. It was just a slight tremble, and now it's worse after balancing. Right around 45-50 it shakes, but 60 it calms down.