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I started the car backed out of my parking spot and started to go forward and the car just shut off after 10 ft. And will not start again. It had stalled out a couple of times while driving. But would always restart. ...
Fuel gauge is not working and engine light is on.
I tried starting it the other day and it wouldn't. I took the key out of the ignition and it was showing on the dash that the anti theft system was on. However, the doors were still unlocked and I never even got out o...
Goes up part way sometimes, doesn't others. I can move it all the way manually.
when i turn my steering wheel in both directions, i hear a squishy noise sound. chevy classic malibu 2005
when i turn my steering wheel in both directions, i hear a faint squishy noise sound......it has been doing that for the last 5 weeks
I am trying to purchase a 2001 jaguar S that jumps when I test drive it. Does this mean there is a failed coil pack problem or a transmission problem?
What about the ease to work on engine? Would the four cylinder be better.
I went to start the car and the remote didn't work.I did leave one door unlocked.I tried to start the car and only the dash light thingies came on..No lights,horn,radio,,,,NOTHING. I checked all the right fuses and th...
Looking to get it repaired as soon as possible