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Already replaced the batteries in the remote but it still does not trigger the remote start.
Son in an accident requiring hood, fender, bumper,windshield, and air bags at minimum. Will the cost of the airbags alone be cost prohibitive?
the car can be setting and key removedwe will be in house. the starter will engage but wont start due to key being turhed off. sometimes when car is warmed up you turn key switch off starter will still be engaged an c...
Was told that a new battery was istalled. Did not check for any codes. No warning lights on dash.
Car just has 1000. miles on it. Great gas mileage no other problems love the car. Is it safte to drive now?
when the brakes are replaced are the wheel bearings check to see if they need to be replaced
my car is starting to shake alot before its shuts off,it happens when i stop at a traffic light.my check engine light came on.
The car has 97,000 miles and has been well maintained. I made a trip of about 220 miles this weekend and half way through the trip I now hear a rattling noise at 1,500 rpm as it goes from gear to gear as I speed up. ...
after starting car when attempting to stop or turn the steering wheel there is a clunking noise that sounds as if it is coming from the steering colum.This occurs daily.
well my woman did the womanly thing she run the car close to low.to be nice.(3quarts low) and now a hard knock is on the pasenger side and i know its a lifter.im about to get into it and need a diagram
Just bought the car.A mechanic ran a jumper wire from the pink wire on the coil to the fuse block to make it start and stay running.Door locks have a random clicking to them like they are trying to unlock.Pink wire dr...
if there is metal in the oil what is most likely needed to be done?
my left front turn signal stops working and then sometimes starts working. Have replace bulb even though i dont think that is what it is but eventually it will stop working again and then after a few days it will sta...
My vehicle is having problems so that my fuel gauge is bouncing up and down all the time. I dont know how much gas i actually have. Also, when it goes to 'empty', my car struggles to accelerate. Where could the issue ...