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I ordered one and it doesn't fit. The mechanic says mine must be after-market, but I bought the car in early '06, there are no after-market parts on my car. They've tried several different sensors and none match the o...
Both of my low beam lights didn't work. I checked my light bulbs and the passenger side low beam bulb was burnt out so I replaced, checked the 2 fuses and they both looked good so I bought a new relay and installed. ...
I only get a rattle noise when I turn left into a drive way or if the right wheel hits a bump or pot hole. any suggestions would be helpful.
Left turns in driveway or bumps on right front side.
how to remove the bolts that hold front hub assembly?
I purchased a new mirror from Brandywine Auto parts.
Manual talks about emission control, would this cause it to run hot and what is involved in repairs, and cost.
The Indicator light states the gas cap is open
when leaving work celaed snow off car. temp was 20. got in car put in drive and it woudnt go pass 20. put some gas in,drove better but engine symbol stayed on. what ould b the problem
also the remote starter is not working now. Does something need to be reset?
The reservoir appears to be buried in the fender well.
How do you replace windshield washer res.?
my wife went to leave for work today, she tried starting the car all it did at first was cranking and cranking then she turned off the key and tried to re-start the car then it started once it did start it was running...
Need to know how to replace trans seal. Also need to know how to replace driver side lower ball joint. How to tell if ball joints are really bad. Female who wont pay a shop to do when this can be done for half the pri...