Fuel gauge is not working and engine light is on.

I tried starting it the other day and it wouldn't. I took the key out of the ignition and it was showing on the dash that the anti theft system was on. However, the doors were still unlocked and I never even got out of the car. Does anybody know what could be wrong or how to know for sure if it is the anti theft system? Has anybody else had this problem? Any ways to fix it? Or if you took it to a dealer, what was the cost to get it fixed? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Still skipping as you get going down the road I fine it changes gears fine but the check engine light is on. It started miss firing the other night but hasnt did it sense I got someone to check it yesterday and they said was the injector leak?

Goes up part way sometimes, doesn't others. I can move it all the way manually.

I had this vehicle two weeks, the steering locked while I was driving, shut off the car, went to turn it back on, the car went crazy, I was stuck on side of the road, with my infant son, furious, as it was our only vehicle at the time, The engine when to start, started smoking, then took a look more closely, The engine was on fire! for a good few minutes, I am already fed up with it, and I see no recalls that I know of that would cause a vehicle to do so, not to mention when the car was acting crazy, the trunk was popping open, windshield wipers going crazy, the car was making some kind of weird noise, locks were going crazy, and it scared me and seemed as if it was rumbling, since then the car has been parked, due to obvious reasons, of safety, its going to be scheduled here to get recall parts fixed on it, however, I am really worried this is going to cost me a fortune, just to get this car fixed!

when i turn my steering wheel in both directions, i hear a squishy noise sound.

chevy classic malibu 2005

when i turn my steering wheel in both directions, i hear a faint squishy noise sound......it has been doing that for the last 5 weeks

It runs smooth, but the whole time the engine is running there is a constant stream of wispy, white smoke coming from the tail pipe. I live in Clarkston, WA & this week avg temp is H53/L38

When the heater is running I can hear a noise coming from outside front, then I turn off the heater and the noise is gone . I would like to know why is that and what should I do before get worse .

I am trying to purchase a 2001 jaguar S that jumps when I test drive it. Does this mean there is a failed coil pack problem or a transmission problem?

What about the ease to work on engine?
Would the four cylinder be better.

I went to start the car and the remote didn't work.I did leave one door unlocked.I tried to start the car and only the dash light thingies came on..No lights,horn,radio,,,,NOTHING. I checked all the right fuses and the battery was working great. than I tried to start it again and NOT even the dash lights thingies went on. I can't afford to spend any money really. Can anyone help me..PLEASE..I can do repairs myself.

Looking to get it repaired as soon as possible