My car has been starting and stalling after the engine gets hot sometimes and it appears that the fans are running slow, but I don't know if this is normal or not.

I drove 40 miles yesterday half the time the light was on and off then the rest of the time it was off, the check engine light is on but its just I need a new gas cap, the 3.5 engine came from a Buick trezza and it drives great just don't know why!

the low oil level light turns on. The level is perfect. I have also already changed the oil level and pressure sensors. Could there be something electrical causing it to turn on. The dealer repaired the key ignition due to a recall and also did something in the fuse box, just dont know what. They say there is nothing wrong. Do you have any suggestions on what else could be causing this? Thanks in advance dgs

I called myself checking fuses, but maybe I'm checking the wrong thing

I stop at store pull key com back out put key in int. panel lite up with lock in it want do nothing this is the first time this happened

I just replaced my a/c compressor, condenser and expansion valve. Now the fans aren't kicking into high like they used to. Any advice is appreciated.

We put turn the key and it just doesn't seem like it never gets the necessary spark. We thought it was the anti-theft system but then was told it was ignition control module and we replaced it, but it still isn't starting. Anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you fix it? We've got a 2005 Malibu Classic.

I started the car backed out of my parking spot and started to go forward and the car just shut off after 10 ft. And will not start again. It had stalled out a couple of times while driving. But would always restart. At a loss