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Ting for a while unless I turn the key to the on position first and then it will crank right up
Melted we replace the starter and re wired but still nothing
I replaced all of the fuses and wipers won't stop. The gas gauage says full then drop to empty. And the car won't start in the morning. I bought a new battery and it wouldn't turn or crank. Don't have fuel gauge to ch...
Can the security system be reset by unhooking the battery if so how long dose it need to be unhooked?
I replaced the spark plug, got ac delco platinum. And still have the same problem! Would it the the coil? Its a 4 cylinder 2.2.
some little nipple that shoots out oil broke off and I need to know how to fix it.
i filled the gas tank and it still shows 321 mile range.
Is this a blower modular that needs to be replaced? Or is there another way to fix/repair?
Also the remote start and alarm fab stopped working, the alarm goes off when the car is parked and no one is around or even if it is not armed. the steering problem is horrendous. No answers from chevy, of course and ...
I recently put a 2004 3.5 lt engine in my 2002 Malibu, which had a 3.1 lt. engine. I used the 2002 fuel rail and plenum. I also replaced the harmonic balaner for one that had the relucter wheel on it because the 2004 ...