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I need help my car wont crank or start I put a new ignition I have the old key and the new key everything's hooked up right but my car wont crank or start
the sensor in the air intake tube is it map or maf. any way my car won't start just cranks sounds like its going too but does'nt i unplugged it the car ran for about two seconds is the sensor no good
so after it died it won't start so i left it there for a few days i dropped the tank cleaned the screen + sock new fuel filter got a jump it started right up it ran good for a week then died while driving around 25mph...
Replaced timing chain and full tune up last week. Then car ran fine but has code P0122. Changed TPS. Now, car doesn't want to shift when you take off well. You can manually do it fine. I reset codes but after you driv...
Lost all power to everything but the starter and a grounded test light lights up when you touch the engine. What could cause this?
I have 55psi on the fuel rail when I turn the key on, the coils fire when you turn it over but will not start, the pass lock light does not stay on and there are no codes showing on the scanner.
When moving the front wheels sounds like a grinding or roaring sound
Plenty of fuel-fuel pump relay seems ok- anti theft not flashing-no pressure on fuel rail
One day on my way to work, my dahboard chimed and I saw the oil light come on. Within seconds of the light coming on I was about to make a hard right on a curve and the vehicle died. I tried to get the vehicle to cran...
I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu 3.5L V6. If the steering wheel is not tilted in the correct position all the idiot lights will flash, the spedo and all gauges will become eratic, if I have the cruise on it will turn off. I...