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While i'm driving my turn signals will work for awhile, but they randomly stop working at random times. They'll start working again eventually. The only way they'll start working again right away is by turning the haz...
I got pulled over by a cop with him stating that part of my brake light was out on the drivers side and when you look at the back of the car the red part of the trunk light reflector sometimes doesn't look as bright a...
2002 malibu with 128k miles. mechanic says it is not the intake manifold leak problem this car is known for.
Already replaced more parts than I can count. Help?
My car hesitates when pressing gas, car starts n shuts down at stop signs, also wheel n brake becomes stiff as in hard to turn n brake depress hard as well
air conditioning, fuel gauge, radio cruise control, temp gauge wont work what do i do
the car keeps trying to turn on without the key in the switch so I have to unplug out the plugs I want to know why it is doing that
it act like it was gone to start but didn't. replace fuel pump relay switch and nothing happen try to reset theft system by letting key on for 20 min and still nothing know what to doneed help