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when i first start my car its fine for about five menits then i have no power stearing flouded if full and no bobbles to indacat a leak in the systerm
anti theft light on-horn honks sporadically,car won't start sometimes and have to wait 10 minutes, blinkers blink sporadically. anti lock brakes out-right rear needs rewiring? ( i was told) power going out in window...
i put a new ignition cylinder in but it is not turning, how can i take it out. It wont move
i just wanted to know how expensive it is to replace the windshield in a 2001 chevy malibu?
were there any recalls for the chevy malibu related to the exhaust system,cooling? Thank you, Adrienne
If the catalytic converter has to be replaced,is the muffler included? Can the muffler be replaced without the catalytic converter? Thank you, Adrienne
the fluid is not frozen. Where is the fuse located for the wiper motor? I replaced this in another car and it worked
Hi there, I'd like to know what you think is reasonable for a muffler replacement?
My car will not start and I saw smoke come from the starter area when my wife tried turning it on .Its been very cold the last couple of days and thats when the problems started. My battery is good and i got it starte...
My transmission wants to shift from overdrive to drive at speeds around 60 mph. It slips back and forth from one gear to the other.
how do i find the theft system fuse
where is the transmission dip stick on this car. I had my fluids changed but, GOODYEAR said they couldn't change the transmission fluid then another service center said it's because of the way chevy built the car tha...
How do you "bleed the radiator" after replacing a bad hose?
where is the best place for a front end aiglnment. Tires have alot of wear on them
How do I go about getting a quote for a service,(ignition control module replacement) when it is not listed in your menu. I have had this problem several times. Can you refer me to a site that can give quotes on all t...