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car shuts off while driving down the road radio still on and its hard to crank in the morning time have to giggle the key and make sure in floor gear shift is up all the way,just had new motor put in it.why does it sh...
thought that water was in tank so added additive but still does not start
so i put a aftermarket stereo in my 01 malibu and i was not aware i needed the adapter box so i lost all my dashboard lights and shift lights. is this a perminent problem of can i fix it?
I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu. Aug. 24th it died out while I was driving down the hiway. Had Fuel pump replaced. Fine for about a week, started dying out again. Take foot of gas, the car eases forward on its own. Ho...
Happens all the time for last few weeks. Started at freeway speeds, now even at 25-30 mph.
pressure goes to a higher pressure reading how do i repair and what happened just changed oil now this happens any help would be greatly appreciated
The other day i parked my car and the next morning i tried to start it and it wouldnt start. i replaced my coil.packs my control module plugs and wires and nothing worked. eveything spins and moves it just doesnt turn...
What is the repair time for a heater core?
The ABS light is still on my vehicle when I had the sensors(right/front) replaced based on the code of B0221. It did not solve the problem, but now gives me a code of B0221 & B0222(wheel signal). What causes this?? ...
Checked fuzes and all are fine. Tried blower on all settings for heat and AC including every setting between floor and defrost. I have tried the dimmer on the dash lights with no luck.
when you start the car and ll the dash lights are on when you turn the key it runs fine BUT WHEN THE DASH LIGHTS DONT COME ON IT WILL STILL START BUT RUNS ROUGH. is this a computer problem or a voltage problem??? fuel...
Right Beak light will not come on I have changed the bulb and the fuse. The bulb comes on when I turn on my lights the bulb lights up but when apply the brake nothingIt should brighten
right brake lite will not work changed bulbs and fuse
the gage pointer staring to move closer to the red area, It has not in the red area now. What is the problem?