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I was driving on the interstate and my car started slowing down and engine light started blinking for about 2 minutes. And making a flicker sound that's loud
When I put the coolant in resivour it leaks out very quickly from drivers side of block. Not on coolant pump side.
There is no code with it. The only codes popping up are for the O2 sensor that just gave out yesterday, and the chiming has been happening for a while. No lights to go with it, just the chime as soon as I cut the whee...
my wife heard a noise from the motor , i had it check out it was fine it still read nothing
it can be jump started by another car but drains the portable jump starter with no lights or clicks
I think it is the ignition..had part of it fixed a couple of years ago and was told the other will likely go as well. Anti theft is connected to the ignition... Phoned and was told it would be $400.00+ to repair. Is ...
Yesterday I got in it and it started up like it always does, went to work. Got in it at 5:00 and tried to turn the key and it sounded like it wanted to turn over, but wouldn't. Called AAA had it towed to my mechanic w...
Three of the four bolts (both sides) are seized and the heads are stripped.
i hit a curb and the aframe got bent the tire rubs the wheel well. and the wheel is very bent.i have a pretty good nset of toolf but have not done this in my driveway evev.