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The car is leaking anti-freeze - cost will be $834.00 to replace the pump - plus the mechanic says I should replace other seals while the water pump is out. The labor charge seems excessive. Total $1600.00.
you turn on and in a while it cuts off. Brand new just installed and it cuts off.
any on-line stores that can top advance or regular auto parts.any machine shops that deal in full gasket sets,Sincerely
i may be rebuilding this dodge 4 cylinder truck.what is the average price on the whole gasket set,or rebuild kit with rings and bearings.and does this engine have a timing chain or belt?sincerely Robert p.s it isnt lo...
the water is bubbling in the reservoir bottle but its not hot the car is not overheating. once the water gets pushed into the reservoir bottle it goues out onto the ground.
the seal in between the cv axle and transmission seems to be coming out.and there is a squeel coming from that area.
Sometimes the orange low-fuel light will come on and sometimes it doesn't. Mileage on half a tank of gas varies from 35-45 miles. Spark plugs & wires & intake manifold gasket were recently replaced. No lights other...
i can't get it to do that. but it does idle ruff. and intake is leaking a little. fuel pump pressure is goog.
Just thought someone could help me.
how do I change the gear shift bulb?
once a week on and off- the engine light comes on.
had to replace the secondary air injection system, now the car bogs and jerks from 0-35 mph. could it be my catalytic converter. im getting codes on secondary air injection, and low emmissions.
How much does it cost to replace a transmission? I am trying to get an idea as to whether or not it is worth it! Thanks!!