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how do you bypass anti-theft
I bought the car about 2 months ago, the guy i bought it from had just put an engine i the car. ever since then the fuel gauge moves around, sometimes you get the car its at a half of a tank, then empty, then full.
where is the fuel filter located?
It will try to start, run for a second then stop. Only happens about twice a week. If I try for awhile it starts.
I was driving down the road when the oil light came on. Since then the lifters have started ticking. I changed the oil pump and primed it with engine assembly lube. It has new oil and filter. The shaft and gear fr...
When I started engine, I can not turn on the A/C or move any Windows, seems no power for them (the small light on the button is off). They used to have power when I put the key at 'ON', but now no power at all. Other ...
Sometimes when i go to start the car its turns over but does not catch. It sounds like it wants to but its not getting any fuel. It doesnt do it everytime, just once in blue moon it will do it. i have sat for up to an...
where is the ac refridgerant port?
how does the order of the sparkplug wires go ?
what would cause a compression loss after replacement of intake gasket the car ran befor now it sounds like theres no compression kinda like the starter is winding out but my belt is turning so i think the motor is tu...
replaced intake gasket and now car sounds like theres no compression almost like the starter is just winding but the belt is turning i tried cranking for about 30 seconds and nothing just sounds like no compression a...
I replace the intake gasket and other gaskets and now it sounds like ther is no compression and it don't fire sounds like its just winding out. What could be the problem?
Visible leaking out of area where intake manifold gasket is located. Had to add antifreeze when antifreeze light came on.
when i start the car it dies after cranked
What if you paid for a service that was recalled after the recalled was issue? Can you get a refund?