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three Windows work but one.needs a regulator an the front driver side works fine the back passenger works fine passenger window don't move at all an back driver side needs a regulator
was driving down the interstate and my car died on me.. tried to start it but wouldn't start. fuel pump is fine and working. I replaced all the sensors on the motor and the spark plugs and wires.. still cranks but won...
Car was running fine then all of a sudden oil light came on and car shut off instantly when I start it it makes a god awful clatter noise .
Occurs after car sits overnight, goes away after you drive it.
when i trun off my car its like it still is running on alternator it is not the ingnition i use to be able to jiggle the shifter and it would click the head was replaced now it wont even do trhat
on a 1997 chevy malibu?
The engine cranks after stalling, but does not turn over. After 15 or 20 minutes the engine starts, but then repeats the same process. The theft light has not come on the last 2 months. Is this a passlock issue, a rel...
I have had the codes checked and the the crankshaft sensor does not show as a problem. What else can I try? The car does not indicate that it is running hot and the temperature gauge is in the normal operating range, ...
my car will not go over 55 and it was at almost 190000 miles when the fuel filter was replace. i had just gotten the car and realized that it had never been changed plus it was in backwards at first i thought it was t...
Theft light stays on I turn the key to on position for 15 to 20 minutes an it won't go off. Any solutions??
Ignition module is good and put new crankshaft censor on an still not getting any fire
both engine mounts need replacing