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I haven't had a chance to jack it up and take a closer look at it yet, but my front end makes a lot of noise. It pops when I put the car from park to either drive or reverse, it creaks and groans when I turn the wheel...
The driver's door will not close. What can I door to release the lock?
Greetings I have a Lumina APV mini vans 1992 3.8 engine my problem is I do not have strength to run and minimum is very unstable and vibrates much put a wire on terminals "B" and "A" connector obd1 appears fault code ...
Interior lights will not come on when you open the door, how is this repaired without taking it in for repairs at the shop?
roy here informed me there is not a back up release for gas lid in case one by drivers seat fail---so then how would one get it open if needed to in case of primary handle failure
is there a back up gas lid release in case the one by drivers seat fails
Can not get door unlocked.It seems tobe loose and key won't open it
My friend's minivan has a problem whereby it will stall when you come to a stop only after it warms up. Runs fine when cold. You can restart the minivan, but have to pop it into gear at a higher rev (auto trans), othe...
i just purchased this van and so far i have put a TPS and Cooling sensor on it, and it has a rough idle and the check engine light blinks on and off, and shows a code 15, any ideas?
Trouble started after driving for 50 kms. parked but hard starting. had to hold butterfly open to start. Went to shop . starts now but won't stay running when cold .After much effort and hot temp will run. Fuel pum...