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How do I get the window bracket out so I can drill old rivets out and rivet new window in?
is this a throttle position problem? or clogged cat. converter?
It only makes noises under the hood when I give it gas. It runs great and doesn't make any noise when I'm not giving it gas. What could be wrong with it? Thank you!
I just bought the car.Is there is a recall can i get this? HOW?
i have changed the fuel filter, mass air flow sensor, coil packs, and many other things and took it to many mechanics and none can figure out the problem. also where can i find a replacement hose for the air intake?
i know its head gasket just need to know how long it would take to replace
Need to replace turn signal switch. Brake lights not working. Everything is good except when you move the turn signal lever a little, the brake lights work momentarily. Need a repair shop in town or close to Rock Hill...