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and what tools do I need
i want to know what makes a fuse blow on a ac/compressor on a 97 lumina
Cars starts normally if UNLOCK is pressed but VATS engages automatically even when just sitting in car with engine off for few minutes. Can this be automatic feature be turned off? How? I still want to have remote loc...
First start up of the day is fine. After its been driven, sometimes it wont start unless I pump the gas pedal while turning the key. Car runs fine, but sometimes while stopped at a red light it stumbles like it wants ...
never had a problem till I went out today to start my car. I have lights,radio etc. the security light keeps flashing.disconnected the battery and hooked it back up still won't start. Do you have to wait a certain ti...
when car gets hot its like it its not getting gas i have replaced the map sensor check the fuel pump put fuel filter on it while its cold it runs ok it won/t rev up all the way
i have a 1998 chevy lumina V6 3.1 and the lifters are going out what all do i need to replace to fix my car
ok the car just was running we turned it off when i got home 10 min. later went to start it and it would not start, checked the fuses ,ok good spark, when i checked the fuel pump relay there is only power on one si...
cruise has never worked since i got the car 4 yrs ago.fuses are ok. is a former government car and may have been shut off by a tech.any ideas as where to look?speedo works fine.no cruise light on dash.
i have a 1997 chevy lumina. a/c is working but blowing out defrost vents.already changed control panel, where should i go next?
I need to replace the serpentine belt on my 1997 Lumina. Can you tell me where I can find a diagram of the placement of the belt so that I can put it in the right position?
the check engine lite is on and the code is reading P1675