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The coolant level indicator on the dashboard is always on despite having the radiator and the resovoire filled to the brim
never had a problem till I went out today to start my car. I have lights,radio etc. the security light keeps flashing.disconnected the battery and hooked it back up still won't start. Do you have to wait a certain ti...
I hear a slight scuffling noise only when the tire moves and the faster I go, the faster the noise gets. Does this mean worn bearings? How do I test?
how much will it cost to get it replaced from the tank to the engine
when car gets hot its like it its not getting gas i have replaced the map sensor check the fuel pump put fuel filter on it while its cold it runs ok it won/t rev up all the way
I have a 1997 lumina thats overheating so i change the thermostat... Put it back together, 1st it idled low then starting speeding up out of control. I turned it off and checked...Everythings hooked back up but it won...
Hoses for power steering fluid seem to be shot and a lot leaking
how many hours of labor to replace the timing cover gasket
i have a 1998 chevy lumina V6 3.1 and the lifters are going out what all do i need to replace to fix my car
My car will not start! I checked fuses,fusuable links,battery,and I seems like everything is working but the car will not start. Security light stays flashing and there doesn't seems to be a power draw when the your t...
help! we need to replace our ignition/key lock cylinder and we can't figure out how to do it. do we have to removet the steering wheel, if so, how do we do that!? please help!
I have no break lights except for the one in the window that works. I have replaced the bulbs and still do not work. I am worried that i will get pulled over for not havving break light on the rear except for the one ...
Car started running rough and sound terrible. Check engine light came on and started blinking. Got it home put a code reader to it and got P0303 and P0300. I have changed the spark plug and wires, replaced the fuel...
Pulley is out of alignment with the other pulley can I push the pulley back into alignment.
can the transaxle be replaced or do u have to replace the whole transmission. is there a picture of the transanxle anywhere i can see.