How do I troubleshoot my blinkers? I have checked the fuses and bulbs, but they are fine. My flashers are working, but I am confused why my blinkers aren't working?

I checked the bulbs and fuses and they are fine. Tried tracing the wiring system and just got confused.

battery old so put in a new one & same thing, no warning lights prior to this, power to lights but not to engine. could this be something with the ignition or starter, if so will the vehicle need to be towed, or can i possibly replace the part?

Car was getting hard to steer. Pwr steering fluid resev.low, fluid leak. Can't see where its really coming from??? Which hose is most probable cause?

The engine will shut off like its out of fuel checked fuel pressure its right on the money after replacing fuel filter after sitting for 15 mins car starts and runs fine for a bit any ideas? And it has a full tank of gas

chev lumina 3.0 engine 1997

My car is stalling

I have replaced spark plugs,wires, o2 sensor,coil packs now to whats it doing chugging really bad when at a stop ,hesitation when i press on gas,smells like fuel when im stopped and its died on me a few times at red lights tough to start back up when first starting sometimes it starts rough to im not a mechanically inclined person but i can do some things if its not hard please any help

97lumina3.1 misfire changed radiator started acting up next day thought tranny fluid low cause of way it was bucking only at higher rpm