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Driver side window won't go up or down but I can control all other windows.
its just done run when it start it start and cuttoff
my car starts , and when you push the gas pedal it cut off and take time to start. i am thinking its the fuelpump or. and how to check if the fuelpum is runnig good. please help.
I need to know what it would cost to repair the transmission on my car. The torque converter went out.
Car has 97,000 miles and had the manifold gasket replaced on April 30, 2010. On May 27, the thermostat read hot and stopped the car. Today, the mechanic found by running a compression test that a blown piston was the ...
I just purchased a 96 lumina it drives fine but the check engine light is on and smoke is coming up from the hood. Three codes came up P0441, P0300, and P0401 what could it be and is it expensive to fix?