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The Hazard Flasher button on the steering column is broken off. How do I find new one & how much is it to replace?
Newer radiator,just had leaks repaired @ throttle body cooling circuit a month ago. Yest the low coolant sensor blew out of radiator body. What holds that sensor in? 96 lumina van 3.4L
Service engine soon light came on. Car overheated and cracked the head gasket. Approx how much should it cost to replace the head gasket?
Was wondering if I place breaker bar into square slot and pull backwards, will tensioner click and lock back or do I pull it back long enough to get belt off and release it? Also, is installing just the reverse?
pressure/fuel switch sensor it runs alot better.. Why ? Transmission seems slow to down shift alot.. Has done this for a couple of years but was told the probem in internal.. Was wondering if it could be anything exte...
I have had problems with this before replaced fuel pump ans filter when had no fuel pressure then had code for cam postion sensor then replaced ran good now it has left me five times on the interstate going home dont ...
What is the function of the Accessory Vacuum check valve? For the heck of it I replaced it and all of a sudden my vents in the cabin for air/heat/AC are now WORKING?
I am getting blue smoke out the tail pipe- only in the morning after I start the car. It then goes away. At first I thought maybe an issue with a ring or valve seats, etc, but now it appears that maybe trans fluid m...
This is the first time I have needed to replace motor mounts
My car needs feon and I know you can buy referiant over the counter.
How long should coolant pressure hold when testing it with a pump-up pressure tester? My system is a 15 psi. I'm losing coolant very slowly and the pressure fades off from 15 psi to 10 psi over a half hour. Should it?
Could it be a motor mount, or something in the gear shift itself.