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I just installed a fuel pump in the tank...now the fuel gage is stuck at full and it only has a couple of gallons in the tank...is there a ground or something I should look for or is a sending unit bad on the pump...t...
My lumina starts and drives but has very high idle. it will also stall after warming up. i changed coil packs and eliminated a severe miss and also changed ignition module hoping to eliminate the stalling problem but ...
Where does the windshield wiper hoses connect to on the reservoir?
How do you get to the component center behind the glove box and is that where I would find the control for the flashers and the turn signals? The fuses are all good
The engine starts to shudder and lose power, I let up on the gas pedal, and there's a strong odor of gas.
ac/ is only cool. if line are bad will this cause problem and where can I find these lines at in my car??
system is charged but condenser doesn't frost up just replaced blower motor resister are thy related??
my blower motor only has one speed,high.my ac is cool but not cold fan not blowing correctly on "max"ac are they related??? ac is charged.
we just replaced the fuel pump and filter now the car will start and sounds great try to put in gear dies
where is the rear main oil seal located?