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My car stalled on me and won't restart. It's flooded out. Didn't make any sounds, just stalled and floated to a stop. Repair shop is saying that there isn't any compression on three cylinders they checked.Back fired t...
I am install an engine and need to know what is the easiest way from the top are bottom.
The car is using more gas and the check engine lit is on code is po522 and po523. Can that cause this problem
At 65k, I had a transmission torque converter failure. Symptoms were shuddering / surging during particular types of acceleration. At first the dealership "could not reproduce" the shuddering symptoms. Within days,...
I got no manual with my vehicle...it has like 38,000 miles on it.When is the recomended mileage to change them?
Just wanted to know how to replace air filter myself without breaking something when try to remove old filter
When should I replace the timing belt in my car, and how much should I estimate the cost to be?