Was wondering if a power steering return hose leak can be fixed instead of having to replace it? Can i use jb weld or rubber hose and clamps to stop the leak? I know the high pressure hose cant be fixed in this manner for the pressure is to great. But can the aluminum PS return hose be dealt with in this way? The leak is under the exhaust pipe about a half inch away from it.

Feels like my fuel pump is not delivering the proper amount of fuel when attempting to start only after i refuel. Starts normal on the 2nd try of starting. The more fuel i put the more it feels like it dont want to start but when i add just a little fuel its not so bad but still a little hesitant. Any input of what might cause this problem?

It want go pass 35 wen I drive it

The parking brake on my car keeps coming on, even when I'm driving down the highway with the cruise on. The red BRAKE light will come on and won't turn off. I've used my parking brake once or twice. Brake fluid levels are fine, already checked.


it doesn't seem to have the power it had

My heater is shutting off intermittently as are my directionals (both). The heater seems to shut off when i go over a bump. The directionals seem more random.

Generally my directionals work when I first start the car but then fail at different points during the day. Both directionals fail and I have tried replacing the fuse.

When I am at a stop and I start from a stop it like hits hard or like a little jerk or slip not sure but only from a complete stop and not always

the car is running hot

after backing out of the garage or parking spot and shifting into drive the transmission slips then slams into drive after accellerating-this started after having the trans. flushed dealer offered a multipull choice of three options ea. over 600.00

my chevy wont start in park but it will start in nueatral.
whats up with that?? thank u LARRY

I have had problems with my gear shifter not going into park. We have had it replaced 3 times and each time the shop has told us to stop drinking pop in our car because there is a sticky substance on the shifter. I would buy this, except I don't spill pop down the gear shifter. This last time the gear shifter was working fine until I got my car stuck twice in my driveway on the same day. Once again we took it in and they told us that there is a sticky substance on the shifter. My question is there to be a sticky substance there or are they just not cleaning the area before they are putting a new shifter?

original problem had code c1226, found rt frt. rt. rear & lft. rear wheel hubs worn & loose, also found rt. &left axle shafts inner tripods loose. replace wheel hub assy, & both axles. vehicle went 5000 miles and codes c1226 &c1245 returned in history critieria, problems occur when accerating & turning at the same time trac light comes on & anti lock module pulsates (sounds like it grinds)