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It will start sometimes but I took the positive terminal off the battery and the engine died. Is it my altinator
have schedule for diagnois and still under powertrain warrenty wondering what to expect from what ive read so far pcm is not covered under warrenty c can you make anything more clear and what kind of cost can i expect...
is clicking when turned to a differnet area
no engine or running problem. tires ok. car can be moving or not. computer diagnostics no help. speeds don't matter. heater, AC, fan, and wipers no matter.
Transmission will slip and then jerk roughly into gear when starting from a stopped position.
when changing from interior to exterior air flow and when car is switched off air blend/vent door actuator clacking
the car drove fine last night, when I left for work this morning it was 5 degrees below zero, upon putting it in to gear it pulls hard until it starts moving and then it goes into neutral for all gears even reverse un...
Does not seem to matter passenger or driver side. I use a 22" on the driver side and a 21" the passenger side as recommended. I live in southern ontario and our weather is harsh. My parents have a 2010 impala and do n...
This problem occurs when the vehicle is parked on any incline, even slight incline.
will a plug comparable to the old one but not one that starts only at a certain temp damage the car computer?
Passenger side works fine. Defrosting is getting to be a problem now.
My stability light ( traction control light came on) Then check engine light , then it said engine Power reduced . Does anyone know ?
dealer keeps telling me its the gas cap. i know i'm putting the gas cap on correctly. what else can it be and why isn't the dealer looking for something else? this is making me crazy.