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Looking to get inspection sticker but check engine light is on for this code P0446 as well as code P0411 secondary air injection system incorrect flow detected..would like an idea of how much to fix both of these code...
what does each code mean and what fixes them? the first time the engine light came on it went out after a gas fillup. then a few days later it came on again this time it stayed on. i replaced gas cap but it did not help.
the 2010 impala lt is sitting low to the ground what could be th problem.about 2 inches off the ground
Will this be a lengthy process or is it as simple as adding some type of insert into the actual ignition switch?
How do you check the vent tube for the gas tank? The check engine light indicates problem with the fuel vacuum sensor.I was told this sensor can be easily cleaned with compressed air.I would appreciate any advise or ...
1) rack/pinion on left side of car leak; they repaired complete steering gear-to include manual and power rack & pinion, worm ball. 2)Fluid build-up near headgasket on driveside of engine; Possible headgasket leak?? ...
NO CODE- on flat road crus set,trans seems to shift down tack increase 4-5 hundred RPM. Is there a adjustment for this not to be so senceative ? My gas miles are down from sticker. 4-5 miles per gal.