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When I turn the key the starter turns over and continues to turn over after I release the key. The car will not crank.
My daughters impala had these messages come up on her dash and the car was basically not able to drive. my neighbor checked codes and it said Crankshaft and camshaft sensors. I had my daughter take it to the mechanic ...
I have a 2010 Impala Ls. While my wife was driving car just went into idle. It was still in gear it slowed to stop. She turned it off and waited about 30 sec then put it in gear and car began to move however did it ag...
Tryed both inside and out
The lights on the rear defroster button illuminates/turn on but the defrost does not work.
The gas pump keeps shutting off as if to indicate the tank is full.It appears to be airlocked.
Why is it that hard to build a solid vehicle and when there's an issue own up to it. I mean don't u think 10,900 people with transmission problems is enough to say ok that's an issue. Maby not but its just sad people ...
I have the 6 screws out and the shift lever off but console won't slide out do to the 3 cigerette plug ins how do u disconect plug ins
DIC says engine power decreased. driving in snow a little slippery 38 miles . with about 6 miles to go lights came on drove last 6 miles with lights on didnt want to goose it because it was slippery so I dont know if ...