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Changed both the high and low Bram lights go after market Hids and they were working just fine than out of know where the high beams would stay on all the time even when the car was off. Any ideas what could be wrong?
I haven't taken my car in for the recall & now it won't start & the check engine light comes on. Is this caused by the defect in the ignition?
My check engine light isn't on no oil light or anything but sometimes it seems like it dont have a lot of power. I have to step on it to back up. And I noticed today it didnt want to switch gears on the high way (the ...
after going through deep wate, the car starts but runs rough and stalls, untill warmed up.
Replaced the plug with new pigtail i bought from the dealer. The shifter not moving was the first problem we had that is fixed now but the key staying the ignition still happens. I double checked all the connection i ...
When I put it in drive and reverse it car moves a little then stops when you accelerate it pops and moves.I put car in neutral and same problem what could it be?
if i dont disconnect the battery cable if i go in to the store by the time i come out my battery will be dead and will have to jump start the car. and i would like to know what would cause that. it happens every time ...
While going down the road about 40 mph the car or tranny starts surging bad.. You have to let off the gas then step back into it.. Its an ex police car and doesnt like to be drove normally
parts store did not have non abs hub in stock said these will work just snip off the wire and it will be fine to use live in rural area from store and only have the one car.have several miles on car, started hearing r...
If they have not, as the current owner how do get them done?
The battery light comes on intermittently while driving but the car does not stall, the alternator was JUST changed and the same thing continues to happen.