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I went to a certified shop to get my car check i already know my car needs a thermostate replace but the shop it's possible that mt head gasket can blow i wanna find a way to prevent this happening
And now it shifts hard exspecaily on take off
I used correct fluid and filter car has 170,000 miles on it.
The car will only start again after the gauge reaches 140 degrees or cooler. In the process of cooling down from normal operating temp the car will turn over fine but make no attempt to start until cooled
Fluid is leaking onto oil pan and seems to pool very close to the center of the car right at the front wheels. I've checked the calipers and they are not leaking and neither is the reservoir. I seems to go thru a bott...
When the car is elevated the wheels turn just fine, why then is there no assist when the car is on the ground? The pump and the fluid are all new. Lines are good. If the tires move when elevated but not when grounded ...
i change my a/c heater blend door activator and it still blows out warm air check the compressor it good passenger side blows cold air don't know what to look for now or what i should do
check the starter and changed crank sensor when it does start it wont do it until second crank