After car wash stereo started going out then back when dry. Now seatbelt chime, door chime, blowing spark plugs over and over. When we have dry weather which is rare right now(new Orleans)everything seems to work fine. Changed bad battery but noticed gaping whole where seal on bottom of windshield is. Seems to be running alright except for a little rough compared to it's old smooth idling .It smells as if it rained in car but no evidence of wet floor. Could this be reason for things scrapping out? And do I need reset code after I fix or replace weather stripping? Thanks in advance

Can't find fuse, I changed both bulbs and no rear turn signals

when car get up to speed it has a humming noise

I first noticed this problem while driving on an interstate for a 2 hour trip. I noticed that even after letting off the accelerator that my engine was trying to stay in a higher gear and therefore a significant delay in the change of gears and speed reduction. Moreover it sounds as though the engine is going to blow up like its reaching its Max speed

What is the problem

Total is now near $2200.00 and they have had the car over a week.

In order to reset the check engine light which continues to come on after it has already been cleaned, etc. Failed Issue was: "A" Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open. What do I do to fix this?