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this car 2007 chevy hhr has had a bump the light was on when i got the car 'i was told to unplug the module a few time's and the light would go off is this safe to do?
It only does it once in a while but even when I'm sitting at an incline it won't move. It only does it in reverse not drive. When it does finally back up it jumps really bad but then it's fine.
The oil level is still full. After getting rear ended concerned about a leak. It's a small dripping leak that started after a month of driving. Did something shift on the motor to create a transmission leak? Did somet...
Got rear ended and after one month of driving a leak started. Can't tell if it's oil or transmission fluid. Oil is still full so I'm guessing the leak is transmission. Please advise - troubled
checked plug and wires are good. It idles a little rough
this occurred when I was driving home last night. this morning I noticed a small puddle of oil on the ground directly where I saw the smoke. under the carriage was a lot of oil. check the oil level in the car and it i...
it started right after we had a flood.. it then stoped then started agian when i turned on the a.c but stoped a minute after i turned it off. i drove it 13 miles the next day and started making that noise again
M AF has about 227k miles on it. This week I begins hearing 'tick, tick, tick' sound a startup. I have counted the ticks and t does it about 10-17 times. The car starts up and the fucking stops
Car runs 100% fine, gas mileage has dropped over two weeks light has been on, car will blow white smoke after letting idle for a few minutes, CPU has been reset twice code pops up next day. Only thing I've tried is n...