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Driver door lock does not disengage, when i put it in drive it will engage .
Can the power steering crack the panel box.
I was in a head on collision at a decent speed, the front of my car was absolutely crushed but the rest of the car was fine, I only walked away with cuts and bruises. After I calmed down I looked to the back seat an n...
Anyone know where it is? AAA fixed last time, don't want to call them again.
All internet research points to oil pressure sending unit. Is this common? Do i need to remove the starter to get to this thing or what? thanks
The gauges fall back to car off mode and do not respond unless I wiggle the key then they come back momentarily as long as you dont accelerate.
Power steering went out in my 2006 hhr after battery was replaced tried changing fuse but it just blew what could it be and what u think will cost to fix it
can wheel sensor be changed without changing the hub on 2006 HHR