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End of November I hit a pothole and caused a bubble in my front right tire. As I hurried home in fear I would get a flat, my car seemed to give a heavy pull/jerk every once in a while and the T/C light came on. Got 2 ...
My HHR currently has 163,000 miles. It has been a commuter.
Ilike find where air module is on my 2006 chev HHR
about a year ago I replaced the front brakes completly(calipers,roters,pads,even clean fluid) This was done because the shudder from braking was unbearable and dangerous.Now less then 12k miles later the shudder mons...
My power steering keeps going out. I have changed the fuses and that has still not helped. Does anyone know what else I might try?
My climate control fan sounds like it's blowing but it won't blow out of the dash vents or the defroster grills as I move the selector switch. Any ideas of what to check? Thanks
switch does not work on any selection.removed fused and put back in worked for awhile the stopped working fell air coming out on normal
When i step on the brake padl to slow down the STEARING wheel virbrate
previously key wouldn't come out of ignition, someone answered that for me and I got it out now it will not start just clicking when I try to crank it. All the lights are working all the bells are working. Help Help H...
Winning noise on left front wheel Sounds like wheel bearing but not.
key jam in ingnition switch can not remove when turnen off
where is the plug to drain the transmission fluid and how do i do this and replace the filter?
I am trying to locate the relay to the heater blower motor on a 2006 chevy hhr. I have replaced the motor itself and checked all fuses, but I can not locate the relay.
Can you tell me how to change out the cooling fan motor assembly?