1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G30) Questions

Answered 1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G30) Questions

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My engine sputtered just a little then it started bogging down on me. It would shift through 3 gears but is pulling very hard now won't move at all.
OK here goes, 1988 chev camper, 3500 and replaced leaking master cylinder, bleed system over and over and cant get hard peddel and no real pressure at rear drum bleeder when helper pushing peddal to floor? Should have...
I have a blown head gasket, can you give me an estimate of repairing it.
This problem started Saturday when I started it up, then after it idel for a while, I began to see smoke from tail pipe.
I have 2 ecm fuses--ecm 1 & ecm b ---- ecm b has no current flow to it on either blade of the fuse with the key on or off. Van won,t start. ecm 1 fuse has good current flow.
I just put new LED tail lights in my van. they light up but they wont blink when i use the turn singles.
How do i go from r-12 to the required 134 and not worry about getting a fine?
rightside taillights out, replaced bulb's but still out, could this be a fuse, and if so which one would it be in fusepanel and amp.
I have been having issues with starting my van. The starter is new. Sometimes it starts ok. An hour later, it just simply gives me a dead "click". After trying several times, one after another, if I get lucky, it ...
Where is there a good Torque converter re-builder?
I put my GPS plug in and the fuse blows. Is ther any way I can find out if the socket is bad?