1995 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

Unanswered 1995 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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after cooling fresh tune up egr cats ok new fuel fil fuel pump sounds ok
I dont know how to turn on the tv.
i already replaced the map sensor and that seemed to fix it for one drive (7-8 miles) sat rest of the day then on the drive home it did it again after about 1 mile what is going on with it all vacuum lines look fine a...
The air was blowing cold one day and not the next so I put a can of refrigerant in it and it still won't blow cold.
When I have to sit in traffic the van jerks forward like the idle is going up then it stalls out it only does it when its warmed up and when im sitting still.When I drop it in neutral it does not do it in traffic.Im t...
1995 chey van G-20 5.7L V8 4L80-E. the transmission is slipping.it just started slipping to day 8-15-11.it will run at 35mph than it slips
ok so I startewd my van today and all of a sudden the radio totally is out,I replaced the radio fuse as well as the fuse on the panel marked radio,any Ideas??
how do you reset the car alarm when it is hooked up to the radio? can you bypass this?
where does the back bolt straps bolt to on the gas tank onto the van
no power to the fuel pump