1995 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

Answered 1995 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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A mechanic put in a Rebuilt engine. Van runs awhile but won't start after 15-30 minutes. it has to sit 40 minutes before it will start again. has new Alternator, Starter, Water Pump, Radiator, Battery, and full Tune u...
5 o v8 it acts like it starving for fuel at take off then it runs great after it picks up speed? New air and fuel filter, has 60 thousand miles.
This Chevy van has the side-by-side 4 headlight system. I could swear that I'd seen all four lights on when the hi-beams were on before, but noticed recently that switching on the hi-beams turned off the low beams. A ...
how to install an air condition pump in a 1995 G-20 series cargo van. the pump is locked up and the belt is broken
Where is the fuel filter located and best way to access it?
I checked every fuse in panel...all are working. Noting that the vehicle hasnt been moved for seven yrs....(1) I have no power to the passenger power window (I checked switch and have power to). (2)I have no power to...
thats been sitting/parked in AZ for the last seven years. Only 83000 miles. It was my fathers van. I tuned up engine. But trying to play electrician today....I just smoked my cigarette lighter wiring when trying to t...
Just The location of the wiper motor.
replaced muffler, fuel pump, gas filter, cleaned carb. what else could it be?
replaced fuel pump, gas filter, muffler, cleaned carb. still a problem with cutting out off and on??