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my battery is fantastic but at times the starter will not engage, could this be a problem with the steering coloum/ingnition switch or do you think starter is screwed?
it looks like a cover for something fell off and now it's spinning and grinding when I drive it. It's not the alternator I don't know what it is it's not my vehicle I just Need it fixed. please help
It has power to switch when off its 12v on shows 4v and to starter, but doesn't engage when cross jumping the sealenoid
Been having some issues with rear end noise when shifting from P to D and while driving from 1st to 2nd gear. The u joints are good but there is play in the driveline. Has 150,some odd miles. Should I replace the who...
When I turn in the switch the pump runs for about 10 seconds. I was told that the pump should run for 2 seconds. If the 2 seconds is correct, should I worry about running 10 seconds. What will cause this.
this does not happen every time I try to start vehicle
Van starts bou won't stay running, had water on fuel tank earlier
I recently purchased this van for hauling firewood and other uses and am trying to get it figured out. I can find the transmission dipstick and filler and the engine oil filler but both myself and a friend have tried...