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Linkage doesn't engage reverse. Drove 600 miles w/ no problems,slipping or noise. Reverse just went out. Need to know how to diagnose or what trans fit this van or how to fix it. Please.. thank you
Am having a problem with the brakes on my van. Had new brakes installed about a year ago so they are in good shape. I don't use the the van that much so there is not much mileage on them. Just recently my pedal slowl...
Chiltons Manual says 5 3/4 gallons seems high, maybe I am reading it wrong? 350 ci 5.7 a/c 700~trauto trans tbi
I was on my way to work, my van didn't want to shift out of 1st. When it finally did, the speedometer quit working. A co-worker said, "check the v.s.s.
coolant line is needing replacement. fluid levels low. reverse but not drive or very little. will a fluid drain and change along with filter screen cleaning correct the problem?
will a filter/screen and pan gasket help this ? the fluid level check shows dirty ATF and some rust flakes.
mostly when fist get in it but will stall when stop quick any time no codes being stored.
No sign of leak on the engine, but under the passengers door.... Excessive amount of coolant ...Very strange!!!
the speedometer will not move and I replace the speed sensor