The drivers side moves slightly but not much , passengers side not st all , I cab hear them both click when trying to engage them , what could be my issue ? Please help

Just cut out on highway. Fuse OK.

Have no current to wire to starter solonoid

Engine start fine but weak power to gas n move van, no compression .

I bought the van used. I used to get 9 miles to a gallon - and, now I only get three miles a gallon. Impossible to go on trips as it cost so much. What can I have a mechanic do to improve the gas mileage. I am 69 years old, retired, and live on a pension. Thank you

engine cut off at high speed. it made a rumble sound then died. i wonder if it has fusable links?

Linkage doesn't engage reverse. Drove 600 miles w/ no problems,slipping or noise. Reverse just went out. Need to know how to diagnose or what trans fit this van or how to fix it. Please.. thank you

Am having a problem with the brakes on my van. Had new brakes installed about a year ago so they are in good shape. I don't use the the van that much so there is not much mileage on them. Just recently my pedal slowly started to go down to the floor and the brakes were not working properly. I took it to a friend of mine who is familiar with doing repairs on trucks. The first thing he suggested was to replace the fluid. At the time he said that the valves to drain the system were kind of rusty so we slowly started to drain the fluid from the filler cups. He did this several times while sucking out the fluid and putting new fluid in it. The old fluid was black. I left van at his house so he can work on it in his spare time. He has a garage with a lift in it. When we took the van for test drives as we periodically changed the liquid to see if the brakes would work. One thing I forgot to mention was when we step on the pedal it would go down to the floor and then all of a sudden the brakes would suddenly catch all at once and stop the van. My friend bought a master cylinder figuring that that was the cause. There was not much of a change at all. So the problem is somewhere else.Since then my friend sprayed the drain valves and was able to loosen them up.
We plan to drain the whole system and put in new break fluid.
This van break system has two parts.One for the front and one for the back.one filler cup is small and the other filler cup is larger.