1992 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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It like the car is going dead ...

Not sure what type or brand is best for my van.

Van drove fine. Parked it for an hour. Acted like it was out of gas, put gas in (thought maybe gauge had quit), didn't help. Idles erratic, backfires with black smoke when driving. Using way more fuel than before. Runs too rough to drive. Checked for basic vac leaks.

Driving interstate, major growling noise like rear end going. Got to the house no reverse. Could this possibly be an electrical issue. I had recently pulled transmission out from the motor just enough to replace freeze plug. When I pull it into reverse I get nothing, no weird noises, no surges, nothing. Oh yea van is used for ice cream business.

When the weather is hot my van starts but dies, happens multiple times. Once driving it is fine and when weather is cooler it runs great. It has died coming to stop in hot weather once also. Was told it was vapor lock? How can I fix the issue? Thanks

Has no hookup on bumper. Can I add one/


I plugged my GPS into the cigarette lighter and could hear a fuse blow ("click" sound). All fuses in the fuse box checked out OK. However, since this incident I don't have any interior lights, radio, nor cigarette lighter. When checking the voltage on the 10 amp radio fuse (in the fuse box), the meter read out 5.3 volts. Shouldn't that be at least 13V? The van is a Mark III conversion.

it knocks on take off and smoothes out some on hte road but still knocks some