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When the weather is hot my van starts but dies, happens multiple times. Once driving it is fine and when weather is cooler it runs great. It has died coming to stop in hot weather once also. Was told it was vapor lock...
Has no hookup on bumper. Can I add one/
I plugged my GPS into the cigarette lighter and could hear a fuse blow ("click" sound). All fuses in the fuse box checked out OK. However, since this incident I don't have any interior lights, radio, nor cigarette lig...
it knocks on take off and smoothes out some on hte road but still knocks some
Left front Brake pulling and have changed the Brake hose. also have replaced the caliper,Pads on both sides.any suggestions.
how do u replace the fuel filter
need to know the intake manifold bolt sequence
latly the engine has been stalling alot in reverse. ive changed the fuel filter and that didnt do the trick so i pulled the dog house and checked the three eltrical connections to the distirbuter and cleand them with ...
Where can I find a replacement motor for my van or does it need one? When the egnition is started-there is a load knocking noise-someone said it is the motor Help
Can someone tell me where the fuel pump relay is located?
My fuse block is getting wet i need to rewire it. I need all the info i can get on this. Please someone help.