1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

Answered 1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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Checked fuse under steering is fine. Bulbs are not burnt out. they just stopped working one evening.
It will not start back up until it sets for a while I replaced the ignition modulator, rotor and cap
Hi I have a 1989 Chevy G20 conversion van with a 5.0L engine, a TH400 transmission, and a nasty metallic noise in the back. The mechanic says it's the differential and it's time to start shopping for a new/used one....
Goes into gear it drives and changes out great what could be my problem I've already changed the strainer and module valve
All was well yesterday, backed it out of driveway and parked it on road and went to start it this morning and thought the battery was dead. Then I noticed all the lights were bright, hooked up jumper cables for 20 mi...
I just bought this 1989 G20 van (with no owner's manual) so hopefully I'm missing something really stupid and easy. Battery is new and fuel pump runs when key is turned to accessory, but when turned to start position...
Could it be the key ignition it's worn but starts the crank wants to start but won't and there is gas 4 people have looked at fues put no spark very confused , please help I'm stuck 5 days now ,any one have an idea thnks
We have an 89 G20 van that when the headlights are on we have no brake lights and only the right turn signal, but when the headlights are off everything is fine. I was just wondering what the problem could be and how ...
Changed the thermostat, radiator has circulation could it be the fan it was just turning slowly but never kicked in
I called "Engines R US" in Pomona and was quoted $1575 complete. I was suspicious since that is too good to be true. I checked for reviews and was glad I did. All reviews stated that they rip people off on a regular b...
Engine won't start, anti-freeze in the oil pan no white smoke. how can I tell if it is just head gasket or if it is something worse? 1989 Chevy G-20 Van.
the battery fell down into the van. it won't restart, i have checked all fuel lines, fuel pump is working; when i try to start it, there is no start and it just shuts down.
we can not find a fuse, and need to know where it is and which fuse, and what to do next.